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Young Arts Screen Printing: Colour and Comfort!

You may have seen in the Western Gazette details of our latest Young Arts project. This proved to be rewarding for all concerned, so much so that the children asked for another opportunity to practise the skills they had acquired!

The Sherborne Abbey Primary School Year 5 group received expert tuition in the intricate process of screen printing from Jamie Clark, Head of Art at Sherborne International.

Using their own designs from nature they produced templates to use in the printing of cushion covers. Each child provided a cushion for the school’s ‘colourful area’ and printed their own cushion to take home. They were also presented with NADFAS certificates of achievement.

Cindy Douch, Head of Art at the school expressed her gratitude to Sherborne DFAS for their support in the purchase of materials for the project. Members of the Committee were also invited to be at each of the five workshops and were able to see at first hand each of the stages in the process.

I am grateful to Ann Marie Kampf, Head of the Abbey Primary School, for her cooperation in helping this inspiring and creative project reach fruition.

Jean Wadsworth
Young Arts Representative

Day Room at Yeatman Hospital

In 2015, Sherborne DFAS sponsored ten Year 12 Fine Art sixth-form students from the Gryphon School to create artwork for the newly extended and refurbished Day Room at the Yeatman Hospital, under the guidance of Mr Michael Fenton-Wilkinson, Head of Art and Photography.

The concept behind the theme was to ‘bring the outside in’, thereby enabling patients to experience artworks which evoke a sense of tranquility, memory and feeling; to create ‘an additional window’ to the world outside the hospital.

The students’ chosen themes range from flora to landscape and seascape, all conjuring  mood and atmosphere.

Maggie Watts, Area Chairman, Jennifer Huitson, SDFAS Chairman, Sue Scott, Young Arts Representative and the Matron of The Yeatman are seen outside the Yeatman Hospital with the students and their Head of Art, together with the outcome of this worthwhile project.

Mike Fenton-Wilkinson’s Y12 art students who have been working on NADFAS sponsored paintings for the day room at the Yeatman Hospital. Some of Mike Fenton-Wilkinsons students together wth representitives from NADFAS (Sue Scott (Young Arts Rep) Jennifer Huitson (Sherborne Chair.) and Maggie Watts (Wessex Area Chair)) and Yeatman Matron Anne Hiscock) Picture by Terry Fisher