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Berlin Trip April 2017

In the last week in April a group of us went on a trip to Berlin to see the sights and to visit museums and galleries.

We had a wonderful time in this great city. Here are some snaps of what we saw and what we did:

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Visit to Hampton Court


Corded Brussels and Silk Wrapped Purls
A visit to the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court on 27 March was to see a special exhibition on Raised work or Stump work.

A guided tour revealed the range and delight of this old needle craft which had its heyday in the 17th century. It lends itself well to modern projects as it allows creativity with imaginative use of many techniques to make pictures in stitch.

Some flat work is done but the joy and fun comes with the use of wire, padding, felt or even wood to give a 3D effect to features. Great skill is required to work a figure with hands and, most difficult of all, feet! Liberal use can be made of ‘found’ items such as beads, buttons, feathers and so on. Anything goes.

While the gardeners in the party explored the spring displays in warm sunshine seven members took an introductory class for first steps in Stump work, attempting to stitch an acorn and oak leaf. We learnt how to stitch Corded Brussels and Silk Wrapped Purls, we worked with gimp, a mellor and orts, we plunged and we couched. It was all good fun, no body finished but we were all keen to discover more about this fascinating craft.

The class took place in a lovely studio high up in the palace, looking over the glorious gardens down to the Thames. It was a perfect day out.

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