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Church Recorders Update


My last report indicated that NADFAS was going to print the article about the Finger and Barrel organ at Lillington together with the wonderful letter written by the Churchwardens of Lillington. – article now printed in recent Arts Society review

Recording of Glanville’s Wootton

The group finished work in November and recommenced at the beginning of April. One new member has started with us and one has left due to commitments.

We have a few things still to record – mainly the stone work, but the main part of our work now is thorough checking and research plus all the typing.

  • Some of the memorials have been moved from their original place and in so doing the incorrect Coates of Arms have been placed over the Memorials. We are now in the process, through research to match the correct Coats of Arms with the correct Memorials. Many Memorials have no writing on them at all, on others it is very unclear but with the help of the books I mentioned we are able to say what wording should be on each memorial. The heraldry specialist, John York, has now confirmed that during the restoration in 1875 the achievement of arms on two of the memorials in the tower were transposed.
  • In the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre we have found G.R. Crickmay’s (Architect) original plans for the 1875 restoration. They clearly show how the church was prior to this time.
  • We have recorded and researched the floor tiles in the 14th century south chapel. They are 6ins square and have white slip decoration depicting: hart and huntsman with bow, arrow and dogs; shields-of-arms of England, of Eleanor of Castile, of two keys in saltire (perhaps see of Exeter); shield-of-arms of Clare, Earl of Gloucester and also tiles with foliage and griffins.

We hope to finish Glanville’s Wootton during the summer and hope to start our next Church sometime during the Summer.
Elizabeth Prichard

Glanvilles Wootton Church

On 14 March, John York and his wife, with a group of Sherborne recorders and one from Blackmore Vale, visited Glanvilles Wootton church of St. Mary the Virgin, to clarify some of the facts about the memorials in the church, and to give us tuition in blazoning and heraldry.

John is the expert we use when we describe the achievements of arms on some of the memorials, and is an heraldic expert of many years standing, used by many NADFAS groups.

The memorials that we are currently recording have provided some interesting conundrums: some were moved to a new site during the Victorian restoration of the church, and in so doing, the arms of one family was transposed to a memorial of another family!

We also have a very large memorial dedicated to a son and his mother – his wife merits a small section of the arms on the memorial, and her name doesn’t feature.

Add to this the repainting of various shields, probably by a local person brightening them up and using whatever colours they had to hand, and yet another memorial whose arms most definitely do not belong to the family commemorated, and you will see that we needed John’s help!

He also gave us a clear account of how to blazon arms, and the names of various heraldic parts, colours etc. and a copy of a booklet he has written which we can use when recording.

The morning was most interesting and we are all most grateful to John and his wife for giving up part of their holiday to help us.